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One deck, 150 cards, multiple ways to play.


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Inglourious Basterd


Movie Geek (Easy) The object of the game is to be the first player to correctly guess the actor or actress on your card.

  • Each player draws one card from the deck. Without looking at it, each player must place the card face out on their forehead.

  • Taking turns, each player must ask questions that require only a Yes or No answer in order to figure out the name of the actor or actress on their card.

  • Each time the player asks a question with a Yes answer (i.e.: “Am I over 30 years old?”) They may ask another Yes or No question. Continue asking questions until that player receives a No answer.

  • When that player receives a No answer, play moves to the next player who proceeds to ask Yes or No questions until they receive a No, and so on.

  • If a player correctly guesses the actor or actress on their card, they are the winner.

  • Play continues for subsequent rankings. Instead of sitting out, the winning player may draw another card and play another round.